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Since when has Jim Raynor been on Hell on Wheels?

I’ve been watching the new show Hell on Wheels on AMC and I have to admit, I’ve taken a liking to it. Ever since I’ve been a fan of the late Firefly series and even before that an avid player to the Starcraft series I’ve always had a mild interest in the concept of the wild western lifestyles of lawless desert ranges and self-made men carrying legends and pistols alike.

I just happened to notice the main protagonist of the show being a clever and humble individual who carries a very good moral standing with him, being fair to those he meets and judging the characters by their actions. This showed me how much I appreciate the humble cowboy idea of an honest man who does honest work and stands for his own beliefs. Funny thing though is how much this Cullen Bohannon character turned out to be similar to another honest working, good-natured cowboy from the far future. Jim Raynor.

I guess no matter the timeline or place in the galaxy, the concept of a humble honest hardworking individual can be seen as an individual viewers can respect and follow.

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