Ready to take over the world with a shoe and a paper air plane.

Empty Memory

This is very clever and I would very much like to have one.

Lisa Hornsey

With the ever decreasing size of flash drives, Logical Art visualises the abstract space of electronic memory. Since flash drives are becoming smaller, the hollow area implies ‘invisible technology’. The different versions of the flash drive include Structure, a geometric frame and Transparency, a capped style, both intended to represent jewellery.

Empty Memory

Empty Memory2

Empty Memory1

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Day Dreaming

This truly comes from the soul.


Michel Blazy Fills a Monastery With Cascades of Foam art installtion sculpture photography fog smoke white artist

A Monastery filled with cascades of foam by Michel Blazy

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Ostrich Pillow – Kawamura Ganjavian

This is I’m not even sure

The Way of Petermein

Most awesome pillow I’ve seen. What do you think?

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What is the “Satisfaction” ? 만족감에 관하여.

This is awesome.

Urban scene-stealer

‘만족감’이란 무엇일까? 쉴 틈없이 밀려오는 욕망의 파도 속에 허우적대는 20대의 나는,
그것이 밑빠진 독에 물 붓기, 길게 말해 먹는 즉시 배설해버려 배부름을 모르는 가련한 한 괴물이라고 생각했다.
제 배에 구멍이 난 줄도 모르고 허기진 뱃속으로 온갖 음식물들을 퍼붓는 모습이 그려졌다.
:안녕 먹어도 먹어도 배고픈 내 이름은 만족(SATISFACTION)이라고해 !

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Simple Convenience Iron

This should’ve been done years ago!


A small compact and portable iron designed by Laura Nelson that works similar to a hair straightener.

It is perfect if you just need a little touch up and you don’t want to take out the bulky iron.  It is also great for ironing that requires a bit of maneuver, for example in-between the buttons of a shirt.

Simple Convenience is designed to be compact, which is ideal for the travelling professional. I find hotel irons often have gunk on them that might ruin your shirt, so you always have to extra careful. With Laura’s iron, you get simplicity, convenience and a piece of mind.


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Lockitron – Keyless Entry Using Your Phone

This is definitely science fiction’s influence!

education | technology | design

See on Scoop.ittech | design | education Lockitron let’s you lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world Any smartphone can use Lockitron through its intuitive two-but…

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We have vacation.



King penguins running into the sea, Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands, South Atlantic Photo by Marco Simoni

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Tiny Penny Paintings



Jacqueline Lou Skaggs‘ penny paintings turn the unloved currency into tiny circular canvases with incredible detail. Aside from the impressive maneuvering of oil paint that recalls 17th century Dutch masters, we admire Skaggs‘ desire to rescue the runts of the capitalist litter, saving them from a life spent below couch cushions or forgotten in pockets.

This small body of twelve works consist of images painted on found, discarded pennies. These pictures pay homage to, not only, the binding ideologies that define our family, religious, social and political worlds- but also to the resonating mythological powers of traditional painting and miniature picture making. Paid tribute no less on the face of discarded coins these iconic images transcend the coins value while, to some extent, defacing it.Initially these coins were going to be spent- nestled with other coins in an exchange of goods. Or tossed back to the sidewalks from…

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Bun-Bun Protection.

Oh I’m melting from the adorable.


Dog watching over two baby rabbits.(unknown photographer)

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Infinite Dreams.

This is really incredible!


PSCS5 artwork by Artyom Chebokha, RHADS

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