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Monthly Archives: December 2011

A little history of my favorite American Legacy

To first start off, I would like to make very clear that I am not a member of the NRA or the American Hunting Society. I appreciate machinery in every form, this specific form exemplifies human creativity with personal desires. Human beings have always been in pursuit of power, and firearms have always been an extension of will as sadly shown by criminals and law enforcement officials. I simply appreciate the complexity in the science and engineering qualities of firearms.

My most personal favorite firearm to date is the M14, a descendant of the old M1 Garand from World War 2. During this time period, many armies utilized bolt action weapons that required charging after each shot thus instilling discipline within it’s soldiers to make every shot count.

The American Armed forces had a myriad of technological marvels at their disposal when entering the war, such as amphibious vehicles and devastating weapons. The German forces did not adopt semi-automatic rifles until halfway through the war. Many war veterans credit their victories to the American Engineering of the M1 Garand and it continued to serve in the U.S. army until the Vietnam war.

The M1 was eventually replaced by the M14, a similarly designed marksman rifle with a larger magazine capacity and more modern features. The ironic part of the development in the M1 and M14 lineage was that these weapons were designed to engage forces at an estimated 400 feet or more but military reports revealed a majority of engagements occur within 100 feet. A lot of armies during the later years of World War 2 relied more on smaller automatic weapons, eventually leading to the rise of Assault Rifles.

Anyways. Here’s a little image comparison that I created when one of my favorite video game firearms happened to turn up being a covered up modern day rifle.M14 Modular Body Kit / Brink's Gerund